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What is a Conveyor Belt and How Does it Work? Have you ever stopped to think about how your packages or raw

Conveyors in material handling is a crucial aspect of many businesses, as it involves moving, storing, and controlling materials and products throughout

UMS Corporation Sdn Bhd is proud to announce our collaboration with hygiene and sanitation provider Universal Base Sdn Bhd (UB) to promote

Hygienic design is one of the most voted challenges (70.83%) that food manufacturers face, followed by sanitation effectiveness (20.83%) and sanitation efficiency

Belt misalignment and spillages are 2 of the most common problems we found since 1941 of serving companies in heavy industry such

Even with lockdowns and multiple Movement Restriction Order (MCO) to encourage social distancing to combat COVID-19, Malaysia still requires an enormous class

Conveyor systems are a common sight at factories, warehouses, industrial and manufacturing facilities, often used to transport high volumes of bulk solids

Unplanned production downtime can cost big losses (loss of revenue, failure to meet delivery to customer, credibility/reputation, higher maintenance/operational costs, safety issues and many other incidental/consequential costs…) to a manufacturer, regardless of whether you are in the F&B, oil and gas, construction, or any other large industries.