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Bearings & Housings

We carry a wide range of bearings to suit various applications.

Conveyor Belts

We carry a range of conveyor belts catered for both heavy and light industries.

Industrial Beltings

Industrial belts are available in many different types, from V-belts, to timing belts, to conveyor belting.

Cam Clutches & Brakes

Cam clutches are used for three different types of operation: Backstopping, Indexing, Overrunning.

Drive Chains & Sprockets

Chains are usually most frequently used in transmission machines to reduce costs.

Conveyor Chain & Sprockets

Conveyor chain is the main driving power in all kinds of roller mills & conveyors.


Gear couplings are used to transmit power and torque between two components of a drivetrain system.


Lubricants are used in many different parts of the machine, such as bearings, pulleys, and cogs.

Sealing Solutions

Our sealants and adhesives can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

Modular Plastic Belts

These belts are used to control and position the rotational movement of machinery.

Conveyor Pulleys & Rollers

Used to transfer heavy loads of material over large distances.

Belt Maintenance Solutions

Save costs and prevent downtime by having proper belt care & maintenance.

Hand Tools & Power Tools

We are a trusted supplier of hand tools suitable for home projects to professional equipment.

Industrial Steam Sanitation Systems

We have the ideal solutions for commercial cleaning and sanitisation for wet and dry environments.

Automotive Beltings

We carry a robust range of automotive belts for various parts of the mechanical operation of the engine.

Material Handling System and Services

Bulk material handling conveyor systems are used to move large quantities of material.

Filtration Systems

We carry a full range of engine aftermarket replacement filters, assemblies, and accessories.

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