Safety in Cleaning and Sanitation: UMS Corporation Sdn Bhd collaborates with Universal Base Sdn Bhd to elevate steam cleaning with Bio-Steam

UMS Corporation Sdn Bhd is proud to announce our collaboration with hygiene and sanitation provider Universal Base Sdn Bhd (UB) to promote Bio-Steam, an expert in industrial and commercial steam cleaning machines.

Bio-Steam range of machines are portable, easy to use and helps save time and efficiency when it comes to cleaning. Attached with a vacuum, it performs a dual function of cleaning and vacuuming and is able to reach hard-to-clean areas and remove mold and mildew – every time. Used in various industries such as food manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and contract cleaning industries, it is a safer alternative to chemical cleaning as it uses pure water to generate high heat to sanitise, degrease, kill bacteria and eliminate viruses, while being safe for health and the environment and without any wet surfaces. Bio-Steam machines are manufactured and built for high performance, reliability and long lasting. UMS is the sole distributor of Bio-Steam machines in Malaysia.

Universal Base Sdn Bhd (UB) provides a range of comprehensive services relating to Health, Hygiene, and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), to Hospitals, Commercial Institutions, and Condominiums. As a Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) approved service provider, this partnership provides assurance to the quality of service and products used for the safety of business premises, especially during this time of pandemic.

“We have chosen UB as our strategic partner to build the Bio-steam brand in Malaysia due to their high level of commitment for safety and service excellence as a KKM approved service provider. We believe that the service our partner is able to provide and showcase to their customers will help build trust towards our Bio-Steam products” stated Ng Seng Ling, General Manager at UMS Corporation Sdn Bhd.

“We have had great success trying out the Bio-Steam machines for our clients especially with difficult procedures such as air conditioning system ductwork cleaning. With Bio-Steam, we are able to provide an effective method to clean, degrease and sanitise at the same time to protect the product and people in the business premises” stated Ho Wei Hon, Engineer and Special Projects Manager of Universal Base Sdn Bhd.

Bio-Steam machines come in a range of commercial and industrial specifications to meet the needs and demands of our customers. UMS Corporations Sdn Bhd is one of the oldest and largest distributors of high-quality genuine parts for hardware and engineering solutions in Malaysia with ISO quality standards. Our company is firmly committed to providing customers satisfaction in terms of value, expert advice, and prompt and courteous service.

Learn more about how Bio-Steam can work for the health and safety of your business and people by reaching out to us. Our professional team of engineers and specialists are ready to serve you.

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