Industrial lubricants are used to reduce friction between two objects.

There are many factors that can influence the life of a bearing, and the most essential ones are the type and construction of the bearings.

Lubricants are used in many different parts of the machine, such as bearings, pulleys, and cogs. Through the removal of moisture, they help reduce friction in areas that might otherwise get worn out.

Lubrication plays a significant role in many machines. It helps to keep your bearings running smoothly. A good lubricant will keep your bearings well-lubricated, thereby decreasing premature bearing failures.

Choosing the right lubricant for the right application is crucial, along with correct lubricant maintenance. Factors to consider include operating conditions and the intended application can influence the product performance: the temperatures to which they are subjected and the speeds at which they are applied. For example, if there is a high risk of exposure to contaminated materials, or if there is a potential for damage to the product, then grease will often be used.  

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