Industrial Steam Sanitation Systems

There are two primary types of portable cleaning systems for flat conveyor belts: Brush and Brushless.

These two types of belts are designed for cleaning flat belts (webs) in a wide range of environments, from dry environments where wet cleaning has to be avoided, to damp and wet environments.

It uses steam to break down debris and oils, and it also has a sanitising action that works as it goes. A very efficient vacuum will draw away the moisture from the belts, leaving the belt dry and ready for a new round of vacuuming.

Bio-Steam’s technology delivers high-performance dry vapour steam cleaning. This makes them ideal for commercial cleaning solutions.  Its portable dry vapour steam cleaning equipment is so effective that it’s sometimes called a saturated steam cleaner. This technology allows them to convert 1 litre of water into 150 litres of steam with 5% moisture.

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