Conveyor Pulleys & Rollers

Conveyor Pulleys are used to transfer heavy loads of material over large distances. They are driven by an electric motor or a hydraulic motor.

In the production process, a belt-driven conveyor system is used to move the workpiece. It consists of pulleys or rollers which guide the material through the system. Pulleys and rollers are used to transfer or move things around or up and down.

A pulley is a rotating wheel with a circular hole in the center. The hole is usually smaller than the diameter of the axle on which it sits. The pulley guides a rope, chain, or belt that moves something or someone from one place to another.

Rollers are round disks with holes in them. They roll along a flat surface such as a table, conveyor belt, or runway. The holes are usually smaller than the diameter of the disk. They are also called pulleys or rollers.

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