Conveyor Chain & Sprockets

Conveyor chain is the main driving power in all kinds of roller mills & conveyors. It takes the pressure of the machine. A sprocket is a wheel having a toothed edge or a circular rim with teeth on its surface. It is used in power transmission to provide traction.

Conveyor chain is basically a metal wire looped around two rollers to form a track. On this track, the sprockets turn. 

The sprockets have an axle attached to them. The sprocket also has teeth or a toothed surface that helps it grab onto the chain. These teeth are on the outer circumference of the sprocket. This is the part that turns as the chain moves along with the sprocket.

Conveyor chains and sprockets are used in the same way as they are used in any conveyor system. They allow the product to be moved in a smooth manner and are the basis for most continuous production lines.

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