Cam Clutches & Brakes

A clutch is a precision device where a cam or wedging element locks the inner and outer races of the clutch together, so they transmit torque in only one direction of rotation.

The best conveyor clutches can be used for a variety of different applications, but they’re most commonly used in conveyors, cranes and hoists, packaging equipment, food processing, washing machines, pumps, fans and fans.

Cam clutches are used for three different types of operation: Backstopping, Indexing, Overrunning

A backstop is a type of cam clutch that is used to ensure that a load does not rotate while it is being moved by a conveyor or other machine. Backstops are typically used in conveyors, hoists, and cranes.

Indexing clutches are used to cause the indexing of a motor shaft, usually to provide a controlled motion of the shaft, such as indexing a cam-type switch plate in order to engage and disengage electrical contacts.

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