Is Your Production Plant At Risk of Carryback?

Conveyor systems are a common sight at factories, warehouses, industrial and manufacturing facilities, often used to transport high volumes of bulk solids and raw materials from one point to another. While they are a great way to increase efficiency and improve workflow, do you know that conveyor systems are also ticking time bombs in hindsight?

In order to meet the demand of consumers, many manufacturing facilities run their production line 24/7 with scheduled downtime to ensure maximum efficiency. However, for operations that heavily rely on conveyor systems, carryback is said to be one of the top causes of unscheduled downtime. In the event a conveyor belt breaks down or does not work efficiently, every minute of disruption in operations could lead to supply issues contributing to potential loss of sales, a major concern for most production plants.

What exactly is carryback, and how can one avoid or resolve this issue? The answer lies in choosing genuine and quality products while ensuring proper installation, maintenance and reliable after-sales service are managed by the right partners. Read our case studies below to see why UMS custom solutions can be a great fit for your company.

A Case Study of Two Production Plants

We were approached by two local production facilities to solve an urgent problem at their respective sites; a cement plant in Perlis and a bleaching earth production plant in Perak. Both production plants were experiencing similar issues with their conveyor system, contributed mainly by carryback, which subsequently led to a host of other complications.

During our on-site assessment, it was observed that both production plants did not deploy the use of any precleaner or cleaning system for their conveyor belt. Our team of engineers also noted three key factors that were causing delays in production efficiency, listed below.

  • Carryback

Carry back 1Carry back 2

Materials are constantly accumulating under the belt, resulting in massive amounts of carryback buildup on the rollers and pulleys. Spillage is also an issue as materials often fall off at various points along the beltline, further reducing operational efficiency.

  • Low throughput

Low throughput

Flow rate and delivery of raw materials are below expectations due to the buildup of carryback on the conveyor belt.

  • Frequent housekeeping

Frequent housekeeping

Maintenance and belt cleaning procedures are on an all-time high due to constant material accumulation on the belt, resulting in increased cost and labour.

The Results Speak for Itself

Upon accessing the situation, our team recommended the installation of a belt precleaner to ensure smooth transportation of materials and at the same time, resolve the issue of carryback.

Precleaners (also known as belt scrapers) are designed to scrape off and remove up to 60-70% of materials, mainly larger pieces. In some cases, it is common practice to install a multi-step cleaning system that includes a secondary or even tertiary cleaner to maximise cleaning efficiency, with the additional consideration of key factors such as the type of material, level of humidity and cleaning expectancy.

In this scenario, the Flexco EZP1 Precleaner was our primary choice of belt cleaning solution that perfectly fits the clients’ needs and requirements. Moreover, our on-site assessment also deduced that a single precleaner is sufficient to achieve significant results with minimal cost.

Flexco EZP1

Successful installation of Flexco EZP1 at a cement plant in Perlis led to reduced amounts of carryback and a cleaner belt.

Flexco EZP1 2

Flexco EZP1 helped resolve carryback issues at a bleaching earth production plant in Perak, reducing housekeeping frequency and maintenance cost.

As a result, carryback has been drastically reduced, which led to a cleaner belt, rollers and pulleys due to minimal material spillage. On top of that, the installation helped to extend the lifespan of the belt as the risk for premature component failure is now lowered substantially. Frequency of housekeeping has also been kept to a minimum, further reducing costly maintenance time and labour.

Both clients have noted a major improvement in efficiency with reduced operational costs, thus saving them valuable time and money in the long run.

Solution: Flexco EZP1 Precleaner

Flexco EZP1 Precleaner

  • Streamlined contours to reduce carryback and prevent material buildup
  • Compatible with most conveyor belt structures
  • Easy installation by mounting on the head pulley
  • Minimal maintenance services

Designed for easy and convenient installation, the Flexco EZP1 Precleaner fits snugly where the belt passes over the head pulley and below the material flow. Its faceted profile design with patented ConShear™ solid blade delivers an impressive performance by catching up to 60-70% of materials and removing a majority of large carryback pieces.

For those looking for heavy-duty solutions to tackle even the toughest carryback, UMS Holdings distributes a wide range of Flexco belt cleaners including pre-cleaners, secondary and tertiary cleaners.

Carryback at Food Manufacturing Facilities: What to Do?

Whether it’s working with stubborn materials or in complex food manufacturing operations where carryback is common, a dirty conveyor belt can easily contribute to unsanitary and cross-contamination issues. In addition, certain environments prohibit the use of water to clean and there is always a risk with using chemicals in food production.

UMS Holdings is leading the way to safer and cleaner solutions by utilising the power of steam with our Bio-Steam range of industrial conveyor cleaners! The first of its kind in Malaysia, this range of powerful equipment is designed to clean and sanitise multiple surfaces and is available in portable or fixed formats. Find out more about how these can be a valuable essential to your food production operations here.

Learn how you can also keep your processes at peak performance with UMS Holdings! Our professional team of engineers and specialists are ready to serve you with our expertise in industrial processes and system solutions.

If you would like to evaluate your belt conveyor system, our experts can help you find the right solutions for your industrial or manufacturing facility. Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you the soonest!


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