ThermoDrive Belting

ThermoDrive® technology optimizes the operational performance of your conveyor system with our patented tensionless belt system. It goes beyond traditional positive drive systems and creates entirely new opportunities for advances in hygienic belt and conveyor design.

Belt Styles

Series and Pitch Sizes

  • Series 8026 – 1.00 in (26 mm)
  • Series 8050 – 1.96 in (50 mm)
  • Series 8126 – 1.00 in (26 mm)

Surface Styles and Thicknesses

Flat Top – 0.209 in (5.3 mm), 0.236 in (6.0 mm), or 0.276 in (7.0 mm)

Embedded Diamond Top – 0.248 in (6.3 mm) or 0.296 in (7.5 mm)

Nub Top™ – 0.291 in (7.4 mm) or 0.315 in (8.0 mm)

Ribbed V-Top™ E  – .374 in (9.5 mm)


  • Polyurethane
  • High Temperature Heavy Load (HTL)
  • Cold Use (CU)
  • Dura
  • XT


  • Blue
  • Natural
  • White


  • Perforations
  • Tough Grooves
  • Drive Bar Removal
  • Flights (90-degree, 75-degree, scoop, short top scoop, flight gussets)
  • Synchronized Sidewalls

The Intralox Drive Unit – Powered by Tensionless Technology™

intralox drive unit 1


The Intralox® Drive Unit-in combination with ThermoDrive® belting-delivers reliable, predictable, food safe belt conveyance. Eliminate belt drive slip, complex tensioning procedures, tension-related mistracking, and belt stretch with this pre-engineered belt drive.

Suitable for new or used conveyors, the Intralox Drive Unit is easy to install, delivers turnkey performance, and immediately improves the efficiency of your conveyor. This robust mechanical belt drive system uses patented Intralox technology to eliminate tensioned belt system risks and costs.

ThermoDrive® Technology: Joining Options

In order to preserve the hygienic qualities of ThermoDrive belting and ensure its correct operation, belt ends must be properly joined.

Intralox offers a variety of joining options, from innovative new plastic hinge lace to more standard joining methods. Click this link for more information on overview of each option:

Significant Operational Improvement and Reduced Maintenance Costs

Customers receive a new standard in operational efficiency as the ThermoDrive tensionless belt system provides reliable, predictable drive performance while reducing costs with unparalleled belt life, minimal component wear, and improved yield.

ThermoDrive technology combines flat, homogeneous thermoplastic material, and the positive drive feature of modular plastic belting with a unique, patented drive engagement solution. This patented combination creates a one-of-a-kind tensionless belt system that eliminates the costs and complexities associated with managing a tensioned belt system.

Effective and Efficient Sanitation

Food manufacturers expect the highest standard in food safety risk mitigation. That’s why Intralox’s Center of Excellence for Food Safety and Hygiene features ThermoDrive® technology, specifically designed for direct food contact applications to address food safety risks.

ThermoDrive’s light weight and open access design make cleaning in place achievable, leading to a dramatic decrease in sanitation time and costs.  Coupled with Intralox’s 24/7 customer support and unparalleled guarantees, ThermoDrive can help food manufacturers achieve reliable, predictable operational performance for their hygienic conveyance.

The Intralox Drive Unit – Powered by Tensionless Technology™

  • Minimize food safety risks
  • Reduce product loss and carry over
  • Eliminate mistracking and downtime
  • Improve installation with tool-free setup and removal
  • Reduce maintenance and sanitation costs
  • Resume start-up immediately after cleaning cycles
  • Run scheduled production without interruptions
  • Operate in a broad range of applications
  • Extend life of conveyor components and belting
  • Simplify access to belt circuit and conveyor components

ThermoDrive technology offers multiple options for belt types and belt accessories. This allows plants to use ThermoDrive homogeneous conveyor belts in a wide variety of applications to meet a range of food-processing needs, including those in snack; fruit and vegetable; and meat, poultry, and seafood plants.

  • Straight conveyors
  • Inclines
  • Trough conveyors
  • Conveyors with scrapers
  • Z-elevators
  • Bucket elevators
  • Cold environment


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