Tekiro Wrenches

TEKIRO Wrenches are manufactured exceeding JIS standards. All forged from chrome vanadium steel, precision machined, heat treat to exact standard. They fulfill the needs of the professional engineer.

  • Drop forged to ensure uniform grain structure, giving increased strength and reliability
  • Heat treated in carefully controlled conditions to ensure optimum performance for every wrench
  • Chrome nickel silver plated for maximum corrosion protection

TEKIRO advanced ring configuration increases the contact area between the wrench and fastener, minimizing stress and reducing the chance of fastener damage.

Below are some of the types of wrenches under this category.


Combination Open End and Box End Wrenches Features e1606376746767

TEKIRO combination wrenches feature Stress Relief Drive on the ring end. All open jaw ends feature a constant radius of curvature reducing stress concentrations and jaw flexing, Both of these features enhance faster grip and prolong both tool and fastener life. All Tekiro combination wrenches exceed JIS standards .

TEKIRO combination wrenches are supplied in 2 different size variants : metric and inches and also available in either raised or sunk panel.

TEKIRO combination wrenches are clearly marked with the wrench size on the open jaw head for ease of identification.


TEKIRO open jaw ends feature a constant radius of curvature – reducing stress concentrations and jaw flexing. Also available in either raised or sunk panel.


TEKIRO ring wrench are offset at 45° for ease of access and feature stress relief drive. Also available in either raised or sunk panel.


T Type Wrench Features e1606376879332

TEKIRO T-type Wrenches are manufactured from high strength and durable Chrome Vanadium alloy. It is designed for ease gripping, handling & increase torque performance. Rounded tip finish for better gripping and holding screws. Special surface treatment to prevent oxidation and corrosion. All Tekiro T-type Wrenches exceed JIS standard.

TEKIRO T-type Wrenches are supplied in 6 different variants:

  • T-Type Wrench Standard
  • T-Type Wrench Rubber Handle
  • T-Type Wrench Rotary
  • T-Type Wrench Adaptor
  • T-Type Wrench Screwdriver
  • T-Type Wrench Extra Long


Adjustable Wrench Features e1606376958681

TEKIRO Adjustable Wrenches are made for Professional users. It features a large knurl worm for easy adjustment and a tight jaw fit. It\’s jaw design help reduces slippage and grips tightly on fasteners. The wide I-Beam handle design provides comfort for long term use. Tekiro adjustable wrenches are drop forged for increased toughness and durability.


Pipe Wrench Features e1606377113897

TEKIRO Pipe Wrenches are made of one-piece ductile iron casting for heavy duty use. It features a drop forged jaw that is resistant to wear, distortion and breakage.


Torque Wrench Features e1606377155623

TEKIRO Torque Wrenches provides users with a proper bolt tightening and eliminates various errors that occur during bolt tightening operations. This variant is suitable for industrial applications with easy torque-adjusting design, quick release design. Applied to both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.


Professional Torque Wrench Features e1606377194101

Equipped with Push through mechanism for easy repair. Loud click sound when require torque is reached and the lever mechanism brings length independent and accurate torque.

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