Tekiro Automotive

TEKIRO Automotive Tools are made to meet international top quality for professional mechanics.

Tekiro has 10 different type of jacks, total of 24 SKUs under the Automotive Tools category, including Low Profile Double Pump 3 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack, Hydraulic Bottle Jacks, and others.


TEKIRO Hydraulic Floor Jack is heavy duty and designed to meet the demanding lifting needs of the professional service technician. These are some of the strongest and most durable floor jacks in the industry.

  • High quality material
  • Flanged side plates for strength
  • Powder coat paint
  • A safety overload valve for added protection
  • Some of the strongest and most durable floor jacks in the industry


TEKIRO Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack is built “forged-tough” in a wide selection of capacities for automotive, construction, industrial and agriculture applications where the ability to lift is essential.

  • All have centered pumps and rams with heat-treated pistons for balance and easy positioning
  • Welded design to prevent leakage and extended service life

Other Automotive Tools including High Pressure Grease Gun, Oil Pumps, Mechanical Creeper, Bearing Pullers, Arm Pullers, Mechanic Tools Sets, Hydraulic Presses, Automatic Nitrogen Generator, Tyre Changers and others.

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