Surface Care & Cleaners

Surface care solutions that clean off even stubborn stains like rust, oxidation, burnt deposits, scale, algae and mould. Some products clean and protect at the same time! Products in this category are as follow:

5-in-1 Surface Cleaner

BC8613 AL300P 300x300 1

Mr McKenic® – 5-in-1 Surface Cleaner is a premium grade product for a wide range of surfaces, leaving it smooth and grime free.

It has superior cleaning power and leaves a protective film that prevents fingerprints, stains and oxidization from taking place. It reduces surface contaminants and smoothens uneven surfaces at micro-level, preventing dirt/dust particles to build up. By keeping off smudges and streaks on glass surfaces, it enhances clarity and maintains the sensitivity of ‘touch screen’ devices.

Besides glass surfaces, Mr McKenic® – 5-in-1 Surface Cleaner is also an excellent protector for most other surface types like leather, mirror, rubber, stainless steel, wood, chrome and PVC parts.

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Cream Polisher

BC8618 P500 300x300 1

Mr McKenic® – Cream Polisher is a uniquely formulated product which effectively cleans and polishes different surface types such as stainless steel, metal, aluminium, and tiles.

It is non-fuming and non-corrosive; hence it is safe to use on most sensitive surfaces and will not cause discoloration of exterior walls.

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Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polisher

CC8207 A 300x300 1

Mr McKenic® – Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polisher is a high performance product specially formulated that cleans, polishes and protects stainless steel surfaces in one step.

It removes gunk and grime like fingerprints and grease from surfaces while leaving a thin protective film to prevent smudges, dust build-up to give an instant streak-free shine.

Mould & Metal Cleaner

CC8210 A 97x300 1

Mr McKenic® – Mould & Metal Cleaner is technically formulated as a non-flammable, fast-drying low toxic safety solvent cleaner that effectively cleans and removes oil, grease and stain residues from mould and metal surfaces. Consists of Fast Dry and Super Fast Dry option.

Cement & Lime Renovator

CR3880 P25 300x200 1

Mr McKenic® – Cement & Lime Renovator is formulated to remove cement fil deposits and lime scales from the surface of aluminium panel, glass, tiles, etc.

Mr McKenic® – Cement & Lime Renovator is non-fuming, does not give a pungent odour. It is a much safer alternative for end-users, as compared to other common industrial grade stain removers. Besides removing cement and rust, it is equally effective in eliminating algae and rust from most surfaces.

Adhesive Remover for Sensitive Surfaces

DR8213 A 300x300 1

Mr McKenic® – Adhesive Remover for Sensitive Surfaces is formulated to remove marks made by adhesive tapes, gum, glue, inks, crayons, markers, acrylic paints, etc from sensitive surfaces such as computer surfaces, laminates, wood, plastics, coated or painted surfaces and metal.

General Liquid Detergent

KC8811 P5 300x300 1

Mr McKenic® – General Liquid Detergent is formulated to provide a one-stop solution to clean all surface types like metals, glasses, tiles, painted surfaces and ceramics.

It caters for general cleaning to remove dirt, grime, oils and other stains without marring or dulling the surfaces. The product can be used for manual dish-washing, glass and ware washing. It is a more cost-saving solution for daily use.


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