Premium Standard Roller Chain

Standard: BS and ANSI

Pitch: Single

SY standard roller chains conform to ANSI and BS standard, and a roller chain of the double pitch type and straight sidebar type.

ANSI Standard Roller Chains 1

ANSI Standard Roller Chains

SY\’s precision power transmission roller chains meet or exceed ANSI standard B29.1. Supplied in single and multiple strands of ANSI sizes from 3/8\” to 3\” pitch.

BS Standard Roller Chains 1 BS Standard Roller Chains 2 1

BS Standard Roller Chains

SY British Standard chain is manufactured accordance with ISO 606 B and fully interchangeable with British standard BD 228 and German standard DIN 8187. Attachment chains and stainless-steel chains are available.

Double Pitch Roller Chain

Double pitch roller chains are lighter in weight and lower in price than the ANSI standard series roller chains, but they have only one-half the number of Pin-bushing joints per foot. Consequently, joint articulation is greater on the same diameter sprockets.

Standard: ANSI

Pitch: Double

Double Pitch Roller Chains Drive Series 1

Drive Series – Transmission Series

SY Double Pitch roller chain is similar to SY standard roller chain, except the pitch is twice that of standard roller chain. These chains weigh less and lower in cost than standard roller chain of the same strength.

Double Pitch Roller Chains Conveyor Series 1

Conveyor Series

There are two types of Double-Pitch conveyor series chains: with standard rollers or with oversized carrier rollers. While Transmission-series have figure-eight shaped link plates. Conveyor-series have straight edged link plates. Conveyor series chain with 1.5” pitch and larger are constructed with heavy series side plates.


Features & Benefits

Five (5) distinguished features:

  • Solid Brushing and Solid Roller
  • Higher Maximum Allowable Load
  • Straight Sidebar Connecting Link
  • Longer Service Life
  • Superb Appearance


The Strongest Maximum Allowable Load

Astounding Maximum Allowable Loads

+30% Higher Fatigue Strength

– Higher safety factor is gained

– Downsizing to smaller chain is possible in some applications

– Cost Savings

Significantly longer wear life

Conventional split bushings deform into a barrel shape when side plates are pressed on, leaving only two-point contact area. SBR (Solid Bushing & Roller) chain has extremely cylindrical inside and outside bushing walls resulting in full contact to disperse bearing pressure. Less pressure ensures excellent wear resistance.

Up to 2-3 times longer wear life over curled brushings

The curled, split bushings have a seam where tiny space allows lubricant leakage resulting in shorter wear life. SBR has no seam resulting in lower bearing pressure allowing the bushings to retain lubrication resulting in much longer wear life.

Reliable performance

SBR is cold-forged from steel rod. Cold-forming process also works with the molecular structure (grain) of the steel running lengthwise in the bushings thereby increasing fatigue strength and preventing bushings from breakage. Premium SBR chains improve performance of transmission with lesser elongation for long period of time.


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