Modular Plastic Belting

As the leading producers of modular plastic conveyor belting, Intralox provide high-quality, specialized solutions for virtually every type of conveyor. Intralox belts set the standard for performance and reliability across a wide variety of applications and industries.

Intralox offers hundreds of belt series-and-style combinations across more than 40 belt series, as well as both split and single-piece sprockets (plastic or metal) and custom-made shafts. Available accessories include flights, sideguards, wearstrips, retainer rings, and finger transfer plates. Material options include polypropylene, polyethylene, and acetal.

Abrasion Resistant System

Intralox is continually researching and developing new products that are designed to meet the evolving needs of its customers. Their new Abrasion Resistant System has already proven to be a low-maintenance and long-lasting solution in wet, abrasive receiving and processing applications. Customers have experienced the benefits of this patented technology in increased productivity and greater process reliability.

About the Technology

Each component of the Abrasion Resistant System is designed to deliver greater service life in highly abrasive applications. The effective technology behind the system is patented and guarantees resistance to wear and impact.

Dual Rods – Employing Intralox dual rod technology, the Abrasion Resistant System dramatically reduces wear in the hinge area by eliminating the sliding motion that causes premature belt failure.

Belt – The robust, abrasion-resistant conveyor belt is molded in a high-performance, abrasion-resistant nylon material, which reduces water absorption to 1% or less. The Flush Grid surface of the belt has 37% open area to facilitate the flow-through of water.

Sprockets – High-performance sprockets are molded in an ultra-abrasion-resistant polyurethane material. Lug teeth provide great strength and longer service life, and the greatly enlarged wear surface is designed to reduce wear.

FoodSafe Belting

Your ability to guarantee the quality and safety of your products is more important than ever. With an array of material, design, and component options, Intralox® FoodSafe™ belting helps ensure uncompromised food safety, product quality, and brand integrity.


PK: A lightweight alternative to acetal that’s more impact-, chemical-, and abrasion-resistant, Intralox PK material helps reduce nonmechanical belt-related foreign material in your facilities. Available in a variety of series and styles, it improves release and yield in certain applications. FDA and EU compliant for direct food contact, it functions over a temperature range from -40°F to 200°F (-40°C to 93.33°C).

ChemBlox: Designed especially for dip tanks, Intralox ChemBlox™ belting provides exceptional resistance to peracetic acid (PAA) and other acids and bases commonly used in food processing. This reduces risks associated with breakage and belt-related foreign material contamination (FMC). ChemBlox belting maintains its strength and toughness at least three times as long as acetal, ensuring increased belt life even after continuous chemical exposure. Comes backed with a three-year material degradation warranty for usage in dip tanks.

Tough Belt: An ultra-high-performance belt for extreme impact applications – such as discard and rehang lines – the Intralox Tough Belt offers superior impact, abrasion, and cutting resistance. Able to absorb at least five times the impact energy of alternatives with no breakage, Tough Belt lasts 2–3 times longer than alternatives. It improves food safety by reducing the contamination risks from broken or damaged modules or flights.

Detectable MX: Developed specifically for detectability in metal detectors and X-ray machines, Intralox Detectable MX material helps food processors avoid foreign material contamination risks in spiral applications. Detectable MX is a material option for Intralox DirectDrive™ System (DDS™) spirals; additional X-ray–detectable acetal or polypropylene material options are available for straight-running and incline belts.


Conveyor Shaft Optimization: Combining both new and existing components-including shafts, sprockets, heavy-duty split retainer rings, and sprocket spacers-with installation and operational guidelines, the Conveyor Shaft Optimization program helps you reduce conveyor-related foreign material risk while improving safety and performance.

EZ Clean: Intralox EZ Clean™ components are designed to help you meet the highest hygiene and cleaning standards. The EZ Clean-In-Place System maximizes the cleanability with a custom-engineered spray pattern for complete sanitation efficiency. Angled EZ Clean sprockets allow access to 100% of the critical belt underside for total belt sanitation.

Modular plastic conveyor belts offer many advantages over metal, fabric, or rubber belts, including:

  • Longer belt life with less belt wear
  • Simplified cleaning and maintenance
  • Reduced risk of product loss or contamination
  • Enhanced worker safety
  • Zero need for lubrication or tensioning

Optimize Radius Layouts and Performance

Intralox’s radius solutions enhance belt performance and belt life, enable small product handling in flexible layouts, and improve safety and total cost of ownership. We are continuously developing new package handling technology to help you improve your operations and keep up with the market demands.

Improved Belt Life

As applications become more challenging, it’s important that the belt will endure. Intralox has invested in industry leading radius modeling in order to develop a patent-pending Load-Sharing™ belt edge that improves load sharing across the links, reduces stress in critical areas, and minimize/eliminate fatigue failure in various areas of the belt.

Belt Solutions: Series 2300 Flush Grid Nose-Roller Tight Turning, Series 2400 RADIUS WITH LOAD-SHARING™ EDGE

Reduce Floor Space Usage

Compact footprint is achieved with tighter turning radius and by eliminating or reducing the infeed / discharge straight run requirements.

Belt Solutions: Series 2100 ZERO TANGENT™, Series 2300 Flush Grid Nose-Roller Tight Turning, Series 2400 Flush Grid Tight Turning

Smoothly Convey and Transfer Smaller Packages

Package types have gotten smaller. Therefore, Intralox has designed solutions that smoothly transfer small products to the next conveying surface while minimizing stranding and tipping.

Belt Solutions: Series 2300 Flush Grid Nose-Roller Tight Turning, Series 2400 Flush Grid

Handle Higher Speeds

In situations where the belt is overloaded and running at high speeds, a range of problems can exist. Reducing friction and PV (Pressure Velocity) with edge bearings between the inner edge of the belt and the wear strips that the inner edge slides against has minimized these types of problems.

Belt Solutions: Series 2400 Edge Bearing, S2200 Edge Bearing, Series 2300 Edge Bearing

Support Sanitation Efforts

Developing belting solutions that support sanitation efforts is a priority to Intralox. Therefore, we consciously design belt openings that allows product to go straight through, making it easier to clean.

Belt Solutions: S2400 Flush Grid

Increase Safety

While safety requirements are becoming stricter the new Radius Intralox offerings respond to the challenge by minimizing the belt opening or using a closed surface.

Belt Solutions: 2300 Flush Grid Nose-Roller Tight Turning

ZERO TANGENT™ Radius – Innovative Belt Curve Conveyor Technology

Maximize floor space

  • Constant inner radius no matter the belt width
  • Eliminate need for straight belt before and after the curve
  • Reduced footprint

Enhance conveyor reliability

  • Modular belt construction for improved reliability and performance
  • Patent-pending symmetric drive design simplifies assembly and installation time
  • Lug-tooth style sprockets and positive drive system for better durability

Improved product performance

  • Maintain product orientation
  • Flat top construction eliminates catch points
  • Improves safety
  • Manages difficult to handle packages, heavier loads and higher speeds

Handles tight transfers

  • Ensure product orientation and integrity during tight transfers

Innovative construction

  • Conveyor construction reduces maintenance and cost, and eliminates belt mistracking
  • Easy identifiers on sprockets and sprocket pockets for reliable assembly
  • Complete design guideline packages

Unmatched lead times

  • Eliminate long lead time required for complete equipment ordering

FoodSafe Belting

Heavy-Duty Edge: The Heavy-Duty Edge features a robust design that reduces breakage risk, especially during daily sanitation and maintenance. Its closed flush belt edge minimizes catchpoints, and its thicker links reduce wear while maximizing belt life. Available with molded indent flights.

SeamFree belting: Manufactured in non-absorbent, nonporous materials that decrease contamination risks, Intralox SeamFree™ belts can be assembled without bricklayed seams at widths of up to 36 in (914 mm). SeamFree belts feature cam-link hinges that prevent debris from clogging the belt. Their patented flume design simplifies cleaning processes by channelling water and debris to the edge of the belt.

Modular Plastic Coneyor Belting

Modular plastic conveyor belt solution in even the most abrasive environments, such as millroom dip tanks in tire plants, crate handling in returnable glass breweries, and receiving applications in vegetable processing.

FoodSafe Belting

Food industries such as bakery, fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, and etc.

Abrasion Resistant System Proven Success

Intralox’s abrasion-resistant solutions have proven to last 2-2½ times longer than any other modular plastic conveyor belt solution in even the most abrasive environments, such as millroom dip tanks in tire plants, crate handling in returnable glass breweries, and receiving applications in vegetable processing. Additionally, the Abrasion Resistant System has eliminated unscheduled downtime and reduced maintenance and scheduled downtime to a fraction, compared to heavy-duty rubber belts, PVC belts, flat wire belts, and chain-driven metal belts. The proven technology of the belt is so effective that Intralox offers written performance guarantees.


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