Lubricants & Grease Solutions

Lubricants and grease solutions available in both bulk and aerosol packaging to cater to various applications in daily operational needs. Products in this category are as follow:

Silicone Spray

LU18093 A 300x300 1


Mr McKenic®- Silicon Spray is a premium multi-protective spray for both metal and non-metal surfaces, including rubber and plastic. It gently cleans and maintains materials like vinyl and rubber by leaving a protective film to prevent dust build-up and giving an instant shine at the same time

Comes in two variants which are Premium and Fast Dry that cater for different applications. The Premium variant provides better lubrication and longer protection while the Fast Dry variant offers quick lubrication and light protection for applications where aesthetics is required.

Wire Rope Lubricant

LU1810 AF 98x300 1


Mr McKenic® – Wire Rope Lubricant is non-kerosene based penetrating lubricant that helps to protect and lubricate wire ropes.

It penetrates into internal core of wire rope to protect the interior from corrosion. Unlike conventional wire rope grease which acts only externally, using a penetrating lubricant helps to lubricate and reduce heat generated inside wire ropes when under load. By retarding the process of wear and tear, the life span of wire rope is extended

Lithium Grease

LU1811 AF 300x300 1


Mr McKenic® – Lithium Grease is a multi-purpose lithium grease spray that effectively lubricates reduces friction between metal surfaces that are in contact. It sets dry and forms a tough long-lasting protective coating within minutes.

Anti-Seize Compound

ME1202B AF 97x300 1


Mr McKenic® – Anti-Seize Compound(B) is a premium-grade heavy-duty lubricating spray that effectively reduces friction and prevents seizure, as well as corrosion between metal surfaces that are in contact.

It contains micro-size particles such as copper and aluminium, specially blended as a creamy and smooth paste that allows for quick and easy coating on both small and large fasteners.

Mr McKenic® – Anti-Seize Compound(B) is highly resistant to water and corrosive chemicals, making it ideal choice as a lubricant for applications exposed to high-humidity and high temperature conditions.

9-in-1 Technology Oil – Non-flammable

ME1208 A 138x300 1


Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil is specially formulated as a product with a wide range of technical functions. Its versality has enables it to be not only a master in specialised applications, but also a handy solution to numerous dead-locked situations, making it a tool-box ‘must have’.

It also has a property of very low surface tension which allows it to penetrate and spread across surfaces and into crevices, displacing any water which may be present. The hydrophobic film it leaves will serve as a protective layer against short-circuits and electrical failures caused when water comes into contact with electrical connections.

The protective film contains a package of corrosion inhibitors which makes Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil an excellent anti-rust agent. Frequent applications will prevent corrosion from setting in and hence, will help to extend the lifespan of components.

Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil is an efficient tool on open seized bolts & nuts, as well as reduce ‘streaks’ on moving joint hinges and pivots. This is because it is able to penetrate into cervices and breaks up hardened grease, rust and dirt that increase friction. It then forms a lubricating film that further reduces frictional resistance to motion and prevents wear and tear or overheating equipments.

Not only that, also has the ability to break up oil molecules and is able to remove oil-based stains from different surfaces. Graffiti, adhesive, chewing gum, marker stains, etc can now be removed more efficiently. It can also serve as polisher for non-painted metal surfaces such as tyre rims and stainless steel structure.

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