Hydraulic Components

Garlock® hydraulic components include heavy-duty packing and seals to meet the demanding requirements of today’s reciprocating equipment. Key hydraulic component products include CHEVRON® V-ring packing and GARTHANE® urethane seals.

CHEVRON® V-ring Packing

In 1928, Garlock Palmyra developed its CHEVRON® packing, the first automatic hydraulic packing using standard duck and rubber tubing, which it continues to manufacture. Garlock CHEVRON® packing is the original automatic hydraulic and pneumatic design for sealing rods, pistons, and plungers. This hydraulic packing was subsequently expanded from its original use in steam engines to applications in the off-road equipment, power generation, and automotive industries. Since then the global growth of CHEVRON® hydraulic packing has continued in the oil and gas and nuclear industries.

The distinctive and exclusive hinge-like action of each CHEVRON® ring permits immediate reaction even to minor pressure changes. Each individual lip of a CHEVRON® packing set independently reacts to pressure, and automatically effects a seal. The multiple lip configuration automatically distributes pressure and an effective seal along the shaft. The proprietary design of Garlock CHEVRON® packing also permits an automatic reaction to pressure shock and overloads. Once Garlock CHEVRON® packing has been selected and installed, it will seal effectively and automatically. CHEVRON® is now available in Deep V-ring design.

Fabric Reinforced CHEVRON® 1

Fabric Reinforced CHEVRON®

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Homogeneous Rubber CHEVRON® 1

Homogeneous Rubber CHEVRON®

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GARTHANE® Urethane Seals

Garlock GARTHANE® Urethane seals include increased seal life and performances, less equipment downtime, and fewer sizes, saving inventory expenses. GARTHANE® eliminates change of costly premature equipment failure. GARTHANE® U-Seals are ideal for plungers, pistons, rams, and rods.

9220 GARTHANE® U Seals 1

9220 GARTHANE® U-Seals

The GARTHANE® 9220 U-Seal is a tough urethane seal with excellent tear and abrasion resistance.

Garlock GARTHANE® 9220 U-Seals have four times the tensile strength and tear resistance of conventional seals and can withstand shocks over a wide range of temperatures, chemicals, and pressures. They also demonstrate outstanding endurance under difficult operating conditions. These seals are ideal for plungers, pistons, rams, and rods.

Polytop Sets 1

Polytop Sets

Polytop Sets have found widespread popularity due to their unique set configurations and high sealing efficiency. A Garlock Polytop CHEVRON® set utilizes both squeeze and multiple lip type seals. Used in a set configuration, these two proven designs combine to provide maximum sealing performance.

Garlock Polytop Seal Sets provide excellent sealing efficiency. Unlike typical V-sets, Polytop Sets need no axial preload or adjustment after startup, virtually eliminating the fear of catastrophic failure.  Compounded from the highest quality urethane, the GARTHANE® 9220 U-Seal is strong and abrasion-resistant. In the Polytop configuration, it replaces the traditional top adapter used with vee sets and provides an additional sealing lip. The fabric and rubber composition of Garlock 432 CHEVRON® provides a strong, yet flexible sealing system that dampens any pressure surges.

SLUDGE PAK® Packing 1


The best of three worlds: braided packing, CHEVRON® V-rings, and urethane U-seals.

SLUDGE-PAK® hydraulic packing sets are designed to reduce the friction and abrasion often associated with vertical sludge pumps. In the bottom of the stuffing box is Style 8921-K. Next is Style 432 CHEVRON® sealing rings. Topping off the set is a Style 9220 GARTHANE® (urethane) U-seal. This unique packing arrangement decreases the chance of scoring plungers, providing unbeatable performance in today’s waste treatment industry.

Turbine Blade Runner Packing

Back-to-back packing set specially designed for the Turbine Blade Runner application.

Turbine Blade Runner Packing is designed to keep lubricants from entering the river water, while keeping the river water from entering the lubrication system. The Turbine Blade design features the flexible Style 435 V-Rings manufactured with pre-shrunk cotton fabric and nitrile elastomer combined with Style 261RH (Rock Hard) support adapters. Each packing set is designed with an axial pre-load which eliminates the guess work during installation, ensuring a tight fit and excellent seal.


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