Heavy Duty

Double Capacity Roller Chain

Standard: BS and ANSI

Pitch: Single

Double Capacity Roller Chain is a single strand chain that offers the same ultimate tensile strength as a double strand chain with a saving of 50%. Double Capacity Roller Chain consists of twice the amount of side plates as single strand chain. Double Capacity Roller Chain runs on standard single roller chain sprocket; however, multiple strand chains require special sprocket. Chain speed should be less than 50 m/min.

Double Capacity Roller Chain

Standard: ANSI

Pitch: Double

Heavy Roller Chain

Standard: ANSI

Pitch: Single

SY Heavy Roller Chain are provided with greater shock and wear resistance and high breaking strange for general purpose applications. Single roller chains of this series run on standard single roller chain sprockets.

Super Roller Chain and Super H Roller Chain

SY Super Roller Chain are developed to offer you longer service life, thus leading to labor-savings. Thorough consideration to fitting portions and the use of high-grade special alloy steel components ensure the chain\’s greater resistance of fatigue and shock. Have side plate thickness of the next larger chain size. Operative on standard roller chain sprockets.

SY Super H Roller Chain provided with link plates of next larger chain size promise you higher performance and superior quality.


E Roller Chain

Standard: ANSI

Pitch: Single

Certified by API (American Petroleum Institute) and registered with API Vender #7F-0025. (API Monogram licensee) specify the chain construction-press fit or slip fit if optional for multiple strand chain. Multiple strand chains with press-fit center plates have significantly greater fatigue strength than their slip-fit center plate counterparts.

HE Roller Chain

Standard: ANSI

Pitch: Single

SY HE roller chain are designed with thicker side plates to insure greater capacity for absorbing shock loads without fatigue failure of side plates.

S Roller Chain

Standard: ANSI

Pitch: Single

S Roller Chain are designed to meet the requirements of greater breaking strength and maximum endurance. The thickness of link plates of S-series is the same that of the next larger sizes of corresponding pitch chain. The through hardened pin with larger diameter than standard provides a greater shock load resistance. S Roller Chain runs on standard sprockets.


Features & Benefits

Five (5) distinguished features:

  • Solid Brushing and Solid Roller
  • Higher Maximum Allowable Load
  • Straight Sidebar Connecting Link
  • Longer Service Life
  • Superb Appearance


The Strongest Maximum Allowable Load

Astounding Maximum Allowable Loads

+30% Higher Fatigue Strength

– Higher safety factor is gained

– Downsizing to smaller chain is possible in some applications

– Cost Savings

Significantly longer wear life

Conventional split bushings deform into a barrel shape when side plates are pressed on, leaving only two-point contact area. SBR (Solid Bushing & Roller) chain has extremely cylindrical inside and outside bushing walls resulting in full contact to disperse bearing pressure. Less pressure ensures excellent wear resistance.

Up to 2-3 times longer wear life over curled brushings

The curled, split bushings have a seam where tiny space allows lubricant leakage resulting in shorter wear life. SBR has no seam resulting in lower bearing pressure allowing the bushings to retain lubrication resulting in much longer wear life.

Reliable performance

SBR is cold-forged from steel rod. Cold-forming process also works with the molecular structure (grain) of the steel running lengthwise in the bushings thereby increasing fatigue strength and preventing bushings from breakage. Premium SBR chains improve performance of transmission with lesser elongation for long period of time.