General Industrial - Frictional Forced Power Transmission

V-belt (Standard Type)

Conventional V-belt


Conventional V-belt are the most widely used power transmission belts

Wrapped type: M (Z) / A / B / C / D / E

Raw Edge type: ZX / AX / BX / CX



The TRIPLEX™ is suitable for applications with small pulley diameters and provides higher coefficient of friction against the standard wrapped belts.

Raw Edge type: AX / BX / CX

MAXSTAR WEDGE V-belt / pulley / MB Bushing


MAXSTAR WEDGE V-belt have double power transmission capacity of Conventional V-belts due to greater wedge effect.

Wrapped type: 3V / 5V / 8V

Raw Edge type: 3VX / 5VX



MAXSTAR WEDGE SUPREME is manufactured as a raw edge cogged type.

MAXSTAR WEDGE pulley/MB Bushing


Attached to the axis with 1 spanner, the pulley for MAXSTAR WEDGE V-belt uses a bushing system that can be removed.

* Pulley can be converted to use with MAXSTAR WEDGE V-belt and MAXSTAR WEDGE SUPREME

MB Bushing System

A system that can be easily fitted by installing the axis to the rotating pulley, coupling, gear, sprocket foil, etc.

Narrow V-belt 


Narrow V-belts was developed to transmit a higher torque in a small assembly area, which enables space saving, high speed drive, and reduce the cost of operating and maintenance. oil/ heat resistance and electrical conductivity.

Wrapped Type: SPZ / SPA / SPB / SPC

Raw Edge Type: SPZX / SPAX / SPBX / SPCX



The MAXSTAR POWER™ was developed for heavy duty applications, where high torque transmission is required. Its performing level increased more than 50% compared to the standard specification.



The SUPER WEDGE II is one of our latest development for heavy loading duty applications, where high torque transmission is required. Not does only it withstand shock loads easily, but special fabric allows slippage and avoids further damages in the complete power train.

Variable Speed Belt (RCVS/DCVS) 


An exclusive V-belt used for variable speed machines, it is used for continuous variable transmission with excellent flexibility and lateral pressure resistance. Can follow the speed changes smoothly, creating superior acceleration.

V-ribbed Belt



Has both the V-belt\’s high transmission capabilities and a flat belt\’s flexibility, it is able to achieve high transmission efficiency. In addition, it is also useful for compact systems and energy saving.

RIBSTAR™ pulley/bushing


Uses a bushing system you can easily remove and position (Some sizes already are equipped with the shaft hole). With 1 hexagon wrench, you can install, remove and position easily to the axis rotation shaft. If the bushing position is set, because the pulley is automatically fixed, alignment adjustments are also easy.

Polyurethane Belt



This belt combines the V-belt\’s high-power transmission and a flat belt\’s flexibility. In addition, it is also useful for compact systems and energy saving.



This is a wide-angle belt with an angle of approx. 60°. With worldwide use of polyurethane V-belts, it achieves narrow drive pulleys and compact designs. Multi types are available.



This is a compact belt for light load transmission with a beautiful translucent exterior.

STARROPE™/ SUPER STARROPE™ / Plain V-rope / Plain Hexagonal-rope


This is an open-end polyurethane belt. Can be easily welding by heat sealing and can be used in free length layout. Suitable for single or multiple use in simple light loads or conveyance.




The flat belt is thin and has excellent flexibility. Because it can use smaller diameter pulleys it can achieve a compact design. In addition, with the uniform thickness of the belt, it reduces vibration and can do high speed rotation with power transmission.

FLEXSTAR™ J (High performance precision flat belt)


Is a thin, flexible and seamless high-precision belt. Because it is moulded with one pliable seamless piece and is very flexible, a small diameter pulley can be used and has a smooth and stable rotation.