Esbelt offers thermoplastic belts (PVC, TPU, polyester, polyolefin, silicone) that meet food regulations (FDA and EU) for a wide variety of food applications in sectors like bakery & biscuits, chocolate & confectionary, meat & poultry, fish & seafood, fruits & vegetables.

Businesses in the food industry know very well that they need to work under strict hygiene measures and bacteriological control to avoid becoming the focal point of possible virus and bacteria transmission.

  • Esbelt´s antimicrobial conveyor belts help to minimize contamination risks and excess microbial charge. These belts reduce microbial growth by 99%.
  • Esbelt’s offer belts with wick resistant. The low absorption of fluids prevents pathogenic micro-organisms from penetrating the fabric through capillarity.
  • Strictly meet the food regulations FDA and EU 10/2011

TPU Belts for Food Industry

TPU is a thermoplastic with high resistance to abrasion and is suitable for applications where the products are abrasive or where scrapers and side skirts are used.
The smooth and matt cover belts are non-porous and are easy to clean. Esbelt also offers belts with top cover embossments.
Within the TPU range, they have 2 series:

Standard TPU

  • Highly resistant to animal and vegetable oils and fats, no cracks, high level of hygiene.
  • Prevents accumulation of residue and micro-organisms.
  • Recommended for oily and abrasive applications.

Premium TPU

  • Bacteriostatic formulation with strong and long lasting anti-microbial and antibiofilms effects (ISO 22196).
  • Highly resistant to hydrolysis.
  • High flexibility under cold temperatures.
  • Specially recommended for applications where there is strict cleaning and disinfecting protocol, where there is high humidity and the control of microbial load is of vital importance.


Metal Detectable 1

Metal Detectable Conveyor and Processing Belt

Conveyor belts suffer cuts, wear and tear, which in some occasions may lead to the detachment of small plastic parts. These may enter the production line and contaminate food. Blue conveyor belts have been gradually introduced to the food industry to improve their visual detection. However, should they accidentally get mixed inside the conveyed product, visual detection would be very difficult. To minimize this risk and enhance food safety, Esbelt has developed a conveyor belt detectable by metal detection devices.


Anti Microbial Belt 1

Anti-Microbial Belt

The esbelt AM antimicrobial belt range represents a very important aid for food companies in guaranteeing the safety of processed foods, especially when shelf life is a strategic property of the food item. In order not to alter the conveyed food, its main active antimicrobial agent is not a bactericide but a bacteriostatic component. Its function is to prevent the belt from adding microbial load to the conveyed product. Reduces the risk of claims and returns.

Bakery and Biscuits 1


Conveyor Belts in the Bakery and Biscuit Industries

These 2 industries are very similar in the sense that throughout the entire production process, from the moulding of the dough to the cooling and packaging of the finished products, the belts are constantly in contact with the products.

Belts for these processes:

  • Are 100% toxic-free: Foodgrade certification according to the European (EU 10/2011 and CE 1935/2004) and American (FDA) regulations.
  • Has excellent performance due to its dimensional stability.
  • Good release of products (belts for dough manipulating/laminating/moulding or for cooling of sticky food products).
  • Resistance to temperature (oven exits, cooling tunnels).
  • Resistance to vegetable oils and fats which are commonly used in the process.
  • Abrasion resistant (salt and sugar sprinkler).
  • Flexibility on knife-edge.

Premium PU belts in white and blue.

  • Silk matt, homogenous, non-porous, easy to clean cover.
  • Low adherent cover for a good product transfer and positioning.
  • Strong and long-lasting antimicrobial & antibiofilm effects (ISO22196).
  • High resistance to hydrolysis.
  • Wick resistant fabric to enhance hygiene.
  • Above average load capacity but high flexibility for knife edge applications and energy saving.
  • High stability fabrics yield long flexural life.
  • Both the belt and its raw materials are of FDA and EU10/2011 food quality.

100% Wool Felt, TUBUL belts.

  • Truly endless, no seam or joint.
  • Non-adherent.


Chocolate and Confectionary 1

Conveyor Belts in the Chocolate and Confectionary Industries

Silicone belts in white, transparent and blue.

  • Non-stick belt top cover with excellent release of sticky products.
  • Wide range of temperature variance. Excellent thermal conductivity for cooling tunnels.
  • Resistant to vegetable oils and animal fats.
  • FDA and EU 10/2011 food quality both the belt and their raw materials.

Standard PU belts in white, blue, light green, brown and ocher.

  • Highly resistant to animal and vegetable oils and fats, no cracks, high level of hygiene.
  • High resistance to abrasion.
  • High flexibility for knife edge applications.
  • Possibility to weld profiles and sidewalls.
  • FDA and EU 10/2011 food quality both the belt and their raw materials.


  • Silk matt, homogenous, non-porous, easy to clean cover.
  • Low adherent, non-stick belt cover for a good product transfer and positioning.


  • Smooth, homogenous, non-porous, easy to clean cover.


  • Avoid chocolate accumulation on the product base.
  • Improve product transfer.

Sealed Belt Edges

  • Belt edges are sealed as an additional safety and protection measure, especially for hygiene purposes in food applications.
  • Prevent oils and moistures from penetrating the fabric layer of the conveyor belts from the borders, thus avoiding microbial growth and ply separation.
  • Prevent fabric fiber from sticking out from the belt edges and contaminating the conveyed products.
  • Esbelt can seal the edges of PVC, PU and polyolefin belts ranging from 0.8mm to 9.6mm thick, from 1-ply to 4-ply and belts with smooth, matt or embossed top and bottom cover.


Washflow Belt 1

Washflow Belt in the Fish & Seafood and Fruit & Vegetables Industries

  • Lightweight (low electricity consumption).
  • Flexible (permits small flexing and back-flexing diameter pulleys) even at low temperatures.
  • Low noise.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Good performance with oils and acids.
  • Easy to clean (less water consumption).
  • Different grid sizes: 6 x 6 mm / 12 x 12 mm adapting to different granulometries of solids or water flows.


Anti Microbial Belt in the Meat Poultry Industries

Anti-Microbial Belt in the Meat & Poultry Industries

  • Bacteriostatic formulation of the antimicrobial belts reduces microbial growth more than 99% and prevents the formation of biofilms.
  • Non water-soluble formulation yields long lasting anti-microbial & anti-biofilm effects.
  • Glossy or silk matt finish for excellent release of sticky products.
  • Homogeneous non-porous top cover.
  • Easy surface cleanability with low water consumption.
  • “Wick Resistant” low absorption fabrics.
  • Very high longitudinal stability under temperature and friction.
  • Non hygroscopic TPU for superb resistance to water and humidity.
  • FDA and EU 10/2011 Food quality, both the belts and its raw materials.

Metal Detectable Conveyor and Processing Belt

  • Silk matt, homogenous, non-porous, easy to clean cover.
  • Excellent release of sticky products.
  • Wide range of temperature variance. Excellent thermal conductivity for cooling tunnels.
  • High abrasion resistance for abrasive products and scrapers.
  • Metal Detectable to enhance food stream inspection, protect brand reputation and demonstrate due diligence.
  • FDA and EU 10/2011 Food quality both the belt and their raw materials.

Cooling Tunnel

  • Polyurethane and polyester food belts with excellent dimensional stability and easy to center.
  • Good thermic conductivity.
  • Excellent release and transfer of products.
  • Above average working capacity, low elongation and good longitudinal flexibility for knife-edge applications.
  • Easy to clean with non-adherent covers.
  • Easy to maintain.


Novak Belt 1

Novak X09UA2MT-AM Belt


  • Silk matt finish on one cover.
  • Rice-grain A2 profile on the other cover, with rounded borders to prevent residue or grease accumulation.
  • Antimicrobial TPU with bacteriostatic formulation.
  • Low friction coefficient when wet.
  • High resistance to animal and vegetable oils and fats.
  • FDA and EU 10/2011 food quality.
  • Possible to weld cleats and sidewalls “Runer” on both covers.
  • Possible to seal edges of the belt.


  • Good release of products. Easy to clean.
  • Protection of bottom cover while being able to work on slider beds or rollers. When used as top cover, has good grip and easy release of products.
  • Prevents biofilm effects from forming. Long lasting antimicrobial effect.
  • Efficient transfer of conveyed products, avoid accumulations.
  • TPU covers remain in good condition even with constant contact with oils.
  • Ensures food hygiene and safety.
  • Applicable to inclined conveyor.
  • Fabric layer is completely protected from moisture.


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