Food Industry Tracker

The Tru-Trac ® Food Industry Trackers are a patented design that offers the most reliable and effective conveyor belt tracking system available for centralising lightweight food industry slow moving conveyor belts. The center pivot is unique and simple, consisting of a stainless steel pin that is perpendicular to the plane of the belt, and its food grade rubberised cove covered drum and tapered edge ensures the tracker activates immediately as the belt moves off centre. It’s always reacting to keep the belt centred

Reliable Performance – The Tru-Trac ® Tracker has proven itself to be both robust, reliable, long-lasting and provide effective performance in all conditions.

Maintenance Free – Sealed bearings do not require any greasing.

Manufactured – with 304 – 316 Stainless Steel, including the bracket.

Lagging – Covered with FDA Approved Food Grad Polyurethane.

Operates in all conditions – Quick activation on both wet and dry belts.

Versatile Installation – Can be installed on the clean side of the belt, and the tension can be adjusted easily with the supplied mounting brackets.

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