Fabric Belts

YOKOHAMA fabric conveyor belts have been supplied to a wide range of applications. From mine to port, power plants to cement, chemicals, fertilizers and agribusiness, the performance is proven in many different industries.

  • General Fabric Belt
  • MJ-Fabric Conveyor Belt
  • Protex

General Fabric Belt

  • Wide Selection of Belt Strengths

Available belt strengths ranges from 100N/mm up to 2,500N/mm covering a variety of applications.

  • Cover Compounds and Cover Gauges

Most of YOKOHAMA’s original high-performance cover compounds are available with wide range of cover gauges.

  • Excellent Durability

Superior resistance to bending fatigue and outstanding rubber adhesion to fabric realize longer service life.

  • Perfect Load Support

Ensure maximum conveying capacity.

  • Reliable Vulcanized Splices

Hot vulcanized splice is recommended. YOKOHAMA offers industry proven splice technology.

MJ-Fabric Conveyor Belt

  • Excellent Fastner Holding

YOKOHAMA’s original carcass design allows outstanding fastner holding.

  • Easy and Quick Installation

Eliminate long vulcanizing time and complex splice process.

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Excellent Flexibility

Applicable to conveyor with smaller pulleys.



  • Excellent resistance against trapped material & cake build-up on pulleys
  • Excellent impact resistance and cut & gouge resistance
  • Superior abrasion & wear resistance under extreme conditions
  • Less permanent elongation & belt stretch


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