Electrical & Electronics Solutions

Solvent-based cleaners and degreasers for use on sensitive electronic and electrical equipment. Products in this category are as follow:

Contact Cleaner & Lubricant

EE1325 A 300x300 1


Mr Mckenic® – Contact Cleaner & Lubricant is a precision cleaning solvent cum lubricant. It effectively removes unwanted contaminants and stubborn stains such as dirt, grime, grease, oxidation, light rust and carbon deposit from electrical and electronic contact points. At the same time, it leaves a film of protection that protects against oxidation on contact points.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3kKc8EePdI&feature=youtu.be

Contact Cleaner

EE1332 AX 225x300 1


Mr Mckenic® – Contact Cleaner is a non-CFC, non-HCFC cleaning solvent for general industrial and maintenance use. It effectively dissolves and removes dust, dirt, grime, grease, tar, adhesives and flux from electrical and electronic contact points.

It is quick drying and evaporates without leaving any residue. This product is suitable for use on electronic parts, metal and most plastics

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMhS3iZn_gc&feature=youtu.be

Safety Electrical Cleaner & Degreaser

EE1336 A 95x300 1


Mr McKenic® – Safety Electrical Cleaner & Degreaser is a non-flammable, non-toxic safety solvent cleaner that effectively cleans and removes oil, grease and stain residues from electrical/electronic equipments, generators, motor-power tools and most metal surfaces.

Besides being non-flammable, it has a high dielectric strength of 50.7kV making it safe for use in power stations, oil & gas refineries, marine offshore and any industry where fire safety is of high importance.

Pump Clean

EE1339 A 180x300 1


Mr McKenic® – Pump Clean is a premium cleaning solvent used to clean electronic equipment, generators and motor-powered tools. It contains no harsh chemicals and can be used on most materials, including rubber, plastic and painted surfaces.

Motor Cleaner (3)

EE13393 M25 300x200 1


Mr McKenic® – Motor Cleaner (3) is non-conductive and non-fuming. The product is TCE-free & PCE-free and effectively cleans electronic equipment, generators, and motor powered tools.

It is also commonly used to remove heavy grease or sludge from metal surfaces or components. Strongly recommended to be used in areas where water is not desired.


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