Corrosion Inhibitors & Treatments

Specialised corrosion treatment products that clean, remove corrosion stains and offer protection from further corrosion. Pro-Guard™ is Mr McKenic leading food-contact permitted coating that is certified in compliance to US FDA requirements, for use on food-contact surfaces. Products in this category are as follow:


CR3882 P5 300x200 1


Mr McKenic® – Stainoff is a heavy duty formulated renovator with deep penetration power to effectively lift and remove rust, scale deposits, stubborn stains, cement and lime deposits often found on stone and granite after construction.

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PRS Protector

PC80091 M5 155x300 1


Mr McKenic® – PRS Protector is developed to protect against degradation of rubber, especially during long period of storage where extreme weather conditions attack the long hydrocarbon chains of rubber and break their molecular bonds, resulting in loss of elasticity, dryness and cracking of rubber.

Mr McKenic®- PRS Protector conditions the rubber with its unique blend of protectors to keep it soft and hence, extending their lifespan. On moving parts, it acts as an excellent lubricant and corrosion inhibitor that prevents squeaks.


PC8012 M25 300x200 1


Mr McKenic® – Pro-Guard is a premium grade polyacrylate based coating that halts the spread of rust on rusty metal surfaces and prevents the formation of rust and corrosion on new metal. It acts as a barrier on metal surfaces against oxygen, moisture, industrial fumes and other environmental pollutants which act as catalysts for rust.

Amber Bitumen Coating

PC8013 M25 300x200 1


Mr McKenic® – Amber Bitumen Coating is a premium vapour-proof, water-proof, protective asphalt coating formulated to protect concrete and metallic surfaces against corrosion. It offers excellent protection to surfaces that are in direct contact with moisture, harsh weather conditions and corrosive liquids.

With its high resistance to abrasion, it can be uses as an automotive undercoating to protect the undercarriage of vehicles from the continuous buffeting by the gravel and debris thrown up by the wheels on the move. It can also rejuvenate asphalt surfaces which have oxidized, by leaving a black coating.

Zinc Galvanising Compound

PC8017 AF 180x300 1


Mr McKenic® – Zinc Galvanising Compound is formulated with 95% pure zinc to protect metal against corrosive and moisture attacks. It adheres well to the metal and does not peel or blister readily, making it easy to apply as a quick alternative to hot-dip galvanising.

As a zinc-rich paint, it can be applied to metal of any size and shape, though its application may be difficult on inaccessible areas. It can be used as a primer to 2- or 3-layer coat systems and as a top coat for corrosion protection. For aesthetic purposes, surfaces can be painted over.

Magic Rust Converter

PC8019 P5 300x300 1


Mr McKenic® – Magic Rust Converter is a supreme product that converts rust (new and old) into a protective black polymeric coating that adheres firmly to metal surfaces, preventing further corrosion.

In most cases, end users remove the rust from the metal surface by sand-blasting/grinding. Despite the tediousness of the procedure, rust resurfaces within a short period of time as the surface is still exposed to elements of environment, mainly moisture and oxygen.

Mr McKenic® – Magic Rust Converter offers an effective yet simpler procedure by converting the existing rust into an inert coating that seals up the metal surface from moisture and oxygen. After the conversion, there exists a strong molecular bondage between the converted layer and metal surface, making it very difficult to be removed. As a result, the rust stops spreading and the duration of protection is much extended. It makes a wonderful ‘touch-up’ tool where re-painting may not be required. However, for aesthetic purposes, surface can be painted over.

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