Belt Maintenance Tools

Workplace safety is Flexco top priority. That’s why Flexco manufacture a family of high-quality belt maintenance tools with built-in safety features to help protect your crew and make each step in the belt conveyor maintenance process easier, faster, and safer.

Below are the belt maintenance tool that is best suited to your application.

Belt Clamps

Belt Clamps 1

Avoid the problems and potential dangers associated with homemade devices with belt clamps designed to properly secure and clamp a belt for safe conveyor maintenance.

Far-Pul™ HD® Belt Clamps Overview Video Link:

Belt Cutters

Belt Cutters 1

A properly squared belt discourages mistracking and splice failure, so utilizing a belt cutter that provides a straight cut is paramount to the splicing process. Flexco Belt Cutters minimize the danger of accidental injury during the belt cutting process.

FLEXCO Power Belt Cutter Video Link:

Flex-Lifter™ Belt Lifter

Flex Lifter™ Belt Lifter 1

Lifting a tensioned conveyor belt out of the way to do maintenance work is a difficult job. It can be time consuming and dangerous. The Flex-Lifter™ makes the job safer and easier. It takes on the toughest jobs, like lifting a belt even when it is tensioned up to the stated ratings. This tool is versatile. Adjustable wings make it easy to lift troughed or flat topside belts.

Flex-Lifter™ Belt Lifter Operation Video Link:

FSK™ Belt Skiver

FSK™ Belt Skiver 1

A skived belt helps extend splice life, ensure compatibility with belt cleaners with a lower profile, and creates a stronger splice. For a safe, easy way to remove belt top covers, choose the portable, lightweight FSK Belt Skiver.

Other Maintenance Tools

Other Maintenance Tools 1

Preparing your belt for safe repair allows you to work smarter, faster, and safer. Flexco has a variety of other maintenance tools to help you prepare your belt for installation and maintenance.

Laser Belt Square – Makes the process of squaring a belt for splicing fast, easy, and accurate. In a fraction of the time of conventional squaring, the Laser Belt Square finds the edge of the belt, aligns the laser, and produces an accurate line for marking and cutting

Rough-Top Belt Skiver – Quickly and cleanly removes rough top from light- and medium-duty conveyor belting. Allows for a lower splice profile to minimize the effects of cleaners, idlers and other conveyor components on mechanical fasteners.

Alligator® Belt Grinder – Provides a quick, easy way of removing belt top covers or rough top prior to attaching mechanical or bondable belt cleats. Can be used in lieu of a skiver to create a lower seat for mechanical belt fasteners.

Belt Nippers – Simple, hand-held tool used to notch/chamfer belt edges and to remove individual fastener plates from belt.


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