V-ribbed Belt


V-ribbed Belts combine the high transmission characteristics of V Belts, the flexibility of Flat Belts, and compact system. Frictional transmission belts contribute to good transmission efficiency with a multi axis layout and smaller pulley diameter.



This belt, being superior in flexibility, is able to use smaller pulleys with high speed rotation. In addition, with the multiple V ribs low cord elasticity and a special rubber, it delivers superior power transmission capabilities.

There are grinded belts which form the rib shape by grinding and non-grinded belts which form the rib shape with a mold.

Star Fit™ 1


Star Fit™

Star Fit™ is a V-ribbed belt that interacts with a specific pulley which has no adjustment space.

Raw Edge V-belt

Raw Edge V-belts are rubber V-belts used for automobiles, trucks, buses, construction equipment and various accessory drive applications.

It has excellent heat, abrasion and deformation resistance, since it is used under severe load fluctuations and high temperatures inside the engine room.


Raw Edge Plain Belt REMF

Raw Edge Plain  Belt (REMF)

The side of the belt is a special exposed rubber construction; the rubber is directly exposed to the pulley. Because of this, the belt has high grip power and does not slip, creating high power transmission abilities.

Wide angle Flat Cogged Belt WFC


Wide-angle Flat Cogged Belt (WFC)

Compared to the Raw Edge Plain V-belt, the angel is larger at 52°. Cogged profile allows improvement of bending fatigue resistance.


Raw Edge Cogged Belt RECMF

Raw Edge Cogged Belt (RECMF)

The Raw Edge V-belt\’s underside is a cogged shaped belt, with low energy loss by bending. As a result, it fits small pulleys and gives stable performance at high speeds.


Raw Edge Multi ply Belt MPMF

Raw Edge Multi-ply Belt (MPMF)

The structure of this belt is similar to that of the Raw Edge plain belt. However, this belt is designed to reduce noise by applying several fabric layers to the bottom surface.

Timing Belt


Timing Belt

The timing belt is a synchronized transmission belt that transmits power when the belt and pulley establish teeth meshing. The noise level is lower compared to chain and gear.   Because oiling is not required it is able to achieve clean power transmission.


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