Torque Limiting Couplings

Fluid couplings for diesel engines provide torsional vibration dampening and protect the diesel engine from overload. The fill-controlled type also offers a clutching function.

Drivelines in rotating equipment are long term investments, worth protecting. Every minute of unplanned downtime caused by overload, is a loss in production. With outstanding precision and reliability, Voith’s torque limiting couplings protect all components in the driveline, resulting in smooth operation, less wear and tear, and maximum performance of your equipment.

safeset 2

SafeSet – coupling with instant release

Protect your driveline and maximize production with a SafeSet. The principle is simple and is based on the principles of friction and adaptability. No material fatigue or wear ensures constant torque protection during operation. The torque limiting coupling includes a twin-walled hollow sleeve. Friction is generated upon expansion by pressurized hydraulic oil. The integrated shear tube holds this pressure to ensure a constant but easy adaptable torque transmission. In an overload situation, the SafeSet slips and the shear tube shears off. Oil pressure drops and the frictional surfaces separate. Consequently, the SafeSet rotates on the bearings without transmitting any torque. Torque capacity available between 1 and 20 000 kNm.



  • Accurate release torque
  • Compact and flexible design
  • Instant torque limitation in overload situations
  • Adjustable release torque
  • Back-lash free power transmission
  • Set torque remains constant over time
  • Quick and easy resetting


  • Maximum driveline protection – damaging inertia disengage at once
  • Set torque remains constant over time
  • Quick resetting for maximum uptime
  • Custom made to suit individual requirements


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