Stanley Hand Tools

The product offerings range from measuring and layout tools, to cutting and fastening tools, striking and struck tools, painting and finishing tools and mechanic tools.

Measuring and Layout Tools

STANLEY®’s measuring innovation has established STANLEY® as a leading worldwide Tape Rule manufacturer. Their expanded line builds on this great heritage. For example, their new FatMax® XtremeTM Tape Rules features 13” of blade standout, the longest in the world. STANLEY® also improved on classics by adding BladeArmorTM Coating to FatMax® and FatMax® XtremeTM Tape

Rules to extend the life of the blade. And that’s only the beginning. Take a look at their tape line and see why after years of innovation, STANLEY®’s Tape quality and durability are unmatched.

Cutting and Holding Tools

STANLEY® manufactured its fi­rst utility knife back in 1935, and it didn’t take long for the world to take notice. Compact, rugged, comfortable to hold and armed with a razor-sharp blade, it quickly became an indispensable tool for a wide variety of tradesmen, fabricators and installers. STANLEY® now makes nearly 60 different sizes and styles of utility knives. Specialty knives and blades manufactured for specifi­c tasks, such as cutting carpeting, roo­fing materials, acrylic sheets, plastic laminates, linoleum and even sod. Some of the many features STANLEY® developed and ­first brought to market include its interlocking nose, which securely locks together the two knife halves for precise cutting, and an Instant Change™ design that allows you to quickly change blades without using a screwdriver to open the knife. This ingenious “no tools required” blade changing solutions on our utility knives and innovations like SharpTooth™ technology that enable their  saws to cut wood 50% faster than conventional saws, sets them apart from their competitors.

Fastening Tools

STANLEY® is one of the world’s preeminent manufacturers of fastening tools which are indispensable, must-own line of tools in every professional toolbox. This broad category includes four distinct and distinguished tool lines: staplers (manual and electric), hammer tackers, hand “pop” riveters and electric glue guns. There are nearly 2 dozen fastening tools, so if you’ve got something to fasten down or hold together, STANLEY® has the tool to get the job done right.

Comfort, quality and versatility are the three attributes we engineer into our screwdriver line. STANLEY® screwdriver handles are shaped and sized to provide comfort in the hand and torque at the fastener head. The materials and construction are of the highest quality to resist corrosion, chipping and breaking. And with tips ranging from standard to Phillips® to Torx® to square, STANLEY® screwdrivers cover almost every application.

Striking and Struck Tools

STANLEY®’s world-renown and world-class research and development teams design hammers that not only exceed customers’ expectations, but also live up to the proud STANLEY® name. And in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, STANLEY® produces hammers made from the ­nest materials available, including wood, ­berglass, steel and graphite. At STANLEY®, every hammer is engineered with safety in mind. That’s why you’ll ­find shock absorption features on many of their striking tools. You’ll also fi­nd balanced heads, ergonomically-designed grips and handles shaped to prevent slipping. You can be confi­dent that STANLEY® hammers exceed the industry standard for safety and durability.

Painting and Finishing Tools

STANLEY® is proud of its long-standing commitment to manufacturing some of the world’s best f­nishing tools. Owning quality ­finishing tools says a lot about how serious a woodworker you are. STANLEY®’s line of ­finishing tools is made with quality materials. The parts are precision ground. And they have features that give woodworkers greater control and accuracy. STANLEY®’s celebrated line of Surform® tools, which comprises  fi­ve different super-versatile implements designed for quickly smoothing, shaping and contouring a wide variety of materials ranging from wood, drywall and rabbet to copper, aluminium and brass. A wide variety of Surform® replacement blades is available too.

Mechanic Tools

The STANLEY® offering of Mechanic tools supplies professionals with a wide range of product options to successfully accomplish the job at hand.


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