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Products in Speciality Solutions are as follow:

Alkaline Coil Cleaner

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Mr McKenic® – Alkaline Coil Cleaner plays an essential component in the successful cleaning and maintenance of cooling coils.

Mr McKenic® – Alkaline Coil Cleaner is easy to apply and highly effective in breaking up grimes, dirt, airborne impurities and scale deposits thereby leaving coils dirt-free and shining. This product is strongly recommended for use in all routine air-con cleaning to increase efficiency and to reduce electrical cost.

Acidic Coil Cleaner

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Mr McKenic® – Acidic Coil Cleaner is a specially formulated air-con coil brightener & cleaner used often on uncoated coils.

It is often used for periodic maintenance cleaning of surfaces which requires removal of copper oxides, white rust and other oxides which causes in cooling inefficiency when left untreated. It is also often used in areas near the sea to remove and neutralize sea salt which deposits on the surface of condenser coils.

Engine Coolant

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Mr McKenic®- Engine Coolant is formulated to absorb and remove excess heat from the engine block to the radiator so as to prevent overheating, maximizing the efficiency of the engine. Its ‘anti-freeze’ property to provide freeze protection is ideals for use in locations with low temperatures.

This propylene glycol-based engine coolant has low toxicity and contains a unique blend of corrosion inhibitors that prevent pitting, scale and rust formation on the metal surfaces. This is turn prevents engine leaking and extends the lifespan of the cooling system.

Heat Transfer Fluid

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Mr McKenic® – Heat Transfer Fluid, is a combination of a non-toxic, inhibited propylene glycol and a superior corrosion protection package.

It is formulated with a combination of inhibited propylene glycol and superior corrosion inhibitors package. Suitable for use in heating or cooling fluid processes where operating temperatures range from -45 °C to 150 °C, in undiluted concentrations.

Plant-based Oil Spill Dispersant

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Mr McKenic®- Plant-Based Oil Spill Dispersant (OSD) is non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-based mixture that effectively disperses oil spilled in sea or fresh water, shoreline, and other areas exposed to environment.

Unlike most conventional OSD, Mr McKenic®- Plant-Based OSD does not contain any petroleum-based solvents or nonyl phenols forming emulsions that are harmful to marine life. Its low viscosity allows quick spreading and dispersing of oil slicks. Being organic plant-based, this OSD forms non-toxic oil-dispersant mixture that is safe for small marine organisms and hence, minimal ecology damage.

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