General Industrial - Synchronous Power Transmission

Timing Belt 


Standard rubber and Polyurethane timing belt follow JIS and ISO standards. There are a variety of tooth profiles and size variations, and has a wide product availability.


Timing Pulley

Timing pulley also follows JIS and ISO standards. Versatile, having a wide inventory line up and excellent product availability.

H Series Timing Belt


H Series Timing Belt Timing Belt has high power transmission capacity. This belt can be used as an alternative for chains and gears with its advantages of cost-efficiency, quiet operation, and long operative life. Type: H8M/H14M



Rubber and Polyurethane timing belts smoothly engage the round tooth shape. It has a variety of tooth pitch and size variations available, versatile and excellent product availability.


SUPER TORQUE Timing Pulley

Timing belt power transmission system works the best when belt and pulley smoothly mesh with each other. Is made with specially formed tooth shape and fine finishing.  This is the standard type of product with inventory in a wide range lineup.


MEGA TORQUE / pulley

Compared to the SUPER TORQUE, which has excellent transmission ability, the narrow width of the belt and pulley can make for a compact design. High torque type of polyurethane is also available.



It’s required for precision machinery and the like, that are frequently starting and stopping, it is a belt suitable for conditions where high position accuracy and damping properties are necessary.



By using a special cord and rubber compound, it increases the transmission capacity of MEGA TORQUE G and potential for a compact design product.

Giga Torque GX / pulley


When using carbon cord line, while only metal chain can be used with high torque and under high load conditions, the belt is equipped with the industry\’s best transmission capabilities.