Bio-Steam - Portable Dry Vapour Steam Cleaning Equipment

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Bio-Steam delivers world-class, portable dry vapour steam cleaning equipment, sometimes also known as saturated steam cleaners. This technology allows them to turn 1 litre of water into 1500 litres of steam with >5 % moisture. Their commercial and industrial steam and vacuum cleaners are Italian manufactured and will be effective for decades. They are portable, so can easily be used in multiple locations throughout your premises.
It is widely use in food manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, contract cleaning industries. Bio Steam is the only clean your business, can rely on to sanitise, degrease, kill bacteria, eliminate viruses, reach hard-to-clean areas and remove mould and mildew – every time.

1. Exceed HACCP and all food hygiene requirements
2. Outstanding ATP and plate results
3. Save money on water and chemicals
4. Reduce cleaning time with instant-dry surfaces
5. Extend the life of your appliances and equipment
6. Eliminate detergent build-up for slip-free floors
7. Save money on water and chemicals
8. Increase the efficiency of your staff
9. Environmentally friendly.

  • Commercial Steam and Vacuum Cleaners