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Fluid Couplings
Having a highly efficient and reliable drive system increases production and provides peace of mind. Whether you require fluid couplings or a customized drive package, Voith is your partner of choice. We assist you in gently accelerating your driven machine, owing to the hydrodynamic principle, thereby extending the life time of your system. At the same time, torque is limited, load sharing is facilitated and torsional vibrations are dampened. The coupling protects the drive system from damage even under extreme operating conditions, reducing downtime and ensuring a continuous production process.

Furthermore, our drive solutions are reliable and specifically tailored to each drive system – from individual couplings to complete drive line solutions. The transmittable power ranges from 300 W up to 6 MW.

Voith’s product portfolio includes constant-fill fluid couplings, fill-controlled fluid couplings, fluid couplings for diesel engines and customer-specific drive solutions.

Operating Principle

The hydrodynamic principle
Hydrodynamic couplings transmit mechanical power from the motor to the driven machine via a flow of fluid. This arises from two bladed wheels being positioned face to face. The primary wheel (red) is connected with the motor and acts like a rotary pump, while the secondary wheel (blue) is connected to the driven machine and acts like a turbine. Power transmission is proportional to the fill level in the working circuit. As a result of the mechanical separation of the drive and driven sides, the hydrodynamic coupling transfers the power wear-free and dampens the torsional vibration and torque shocks in the drive chain simultaneously.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUAg_xKKNYo